How to Last Longer During Sex – More Than 150 Minutes!

Going before your girl during love making is not the way to make her feel loved. The truth is, many relationships have ended because a guy can not please his girl in the bedroom. The problem has something to do with a guy's inability to control himself long enough for the woman to start feeling good. If a guy can control his own needs, a woman will feel more sexy and more special during love making.

Some guys last 5, 10 or 15 minutes during sex, but most of the time this is not enough to make the woman reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Women need more time to get there, and they also need more stimulation. If she claims she is not bothered by your lack of control, she could be lying.

Here are three things you can do to be able to last all night with her. Even just a few minutes will mean a lot to your girl. You can continuously stimulate her senses, so that she will have a truly sensual time with you. These techniques will also prevent her from thinking about doing it with other guys, because if you can give her the gratification she needs, she will not crave for anyone else.

# 1: "Be Fickle, Man". Change positions when you feel yourself losing control. Stop abruptly when you feel that all-too-familiar urge to give in to your pleasure. This self-interference will effectively put you in control of the way you make love. Beside, showing your prowess by demonstrating your sensual knowledge will impress your girl, as well as give her intense pleasure. Make the change in position fluid and spontaneous, so that your partner can have continuous fun while you're controlling yourself.

# 2: "Let loose before you even start your date". If you know you're making love with your special girl during your date, make it a habit to give yourself the gratification you need so you will not have that inside your head the whole time. You can avoid accidentally going before she does by doing this.

# 3: "Kill the Sensation". Use a condom that lessens sensation during love making. Usually the thick ones work best for your particular purpose. Do not risk it. You might think that heavy breathing is OK and you do not need to change your thin condoms to thick ones, but heavy breathing does not always work, does it? If you can not find thicker condoms, use double protection (wear another condom on top of the first one).

Source by Derek Rake