15 Minute Program Explains How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

I’m going to share with you the secret to getting great abs. The secret is to strip the fat off your existing rectus abdominis muscles and you’ll have reasonable six pack abs without doing one sit-up. The really difficult part that the TV commercials don’t tell you about looking like a fitness model is how darn hard those casting directors work to find the right person for the part in their commercials.

So what I’m going to do is show you what many of the genetically gifted guys and gals do to look great and stay sexy in order to get those choice assignments. You’ll need 15 minutes of non-stop workout time and about five minutes for cooling down. You’ll perform 15 exercises with little or no rest in between and stop long enough to click the timer on when it goes off.

The 15 Minute Belly Fat Blaster

The goal of this workout is to get you to burn a lot of calories initially but also to get your body to activate your growth fat and burning hormones for the next 24 to 48 hours. Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds at your own pace. If you get tired during an exercise, pause for a few seconds, catch your breath and continue. Go slower if you are struggling or put the weight down and do it without weights.

The exercises:

1. Dumbbell squats

2. Push ups

3. Dumbbell bent over rows

4. Seated dumbbell press

5. Dumbbell upright rows

6. Dumbbell triceps kickback

7. Wall squats

8. Dumbbell biceps curl

9. Dumbbell lunges

10. Dumbbell flys

11. Side bends (with dumbbell)

12. Two-handed wood chop (single dumbbell)

13. Bridge ( hold for 60 seconds)

14. Side bridge left (hold for 60 seconds)

15. Side bridge right (hold for 60 seconds)

You can do this workout five days a week with two days’ rest.

Practice this 15 minute belly fat blaster once a day for six weeks. It will start out rough if you aren’t used to it but you’ll improve. As you get better, do the giant set twice to get maximum effect with a rest period in between. You can even make the exercises more challenging as you improve.

The simple secret #1:

to reducing your calories is to eat half of what you currently eat. If you crave junk food, replace it with healthier versions. The important thing to do first is limit your portions to half what you currently consume and if you feel like you can’t do without your favorite foods, split the portion in half and eat it in two meals, three hours apart.

The simple secret #2:

Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning and every hour thereafter until you go bed. Water flushes out your toxins, feeds your blood and your cells, and aids in fat burning.

The simple secret #3:

Never eat carbs two hours before you go to bed. Make your last snack before bed a small protein based one. Your body will be working on fat burning while you sleep.

Source by Dennis Francis

Perfect Europe Vacation Planning

Are you planning to go on a Europe Vacation some day? If so, you have picked an excellent place to venture to, as Europe has great cultural and historical significance, making it a hot locale for travelers. Places like Berlin, London, Venice, Nice, and Paris are very popular for people taking trips abroad. I have some tips for you, expert information, about how you can make your trip to Europe an experience you will never forget.

Keep an Open Mind

You should never settle on a rigid itinerary for your vacation. By traveling to a foreign location, you are giving yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and lifestyle than what you are accustomed to. For that reason, you should try looking into short-term rentals on homes and apartments. It is actually a very common practice in that part of the world, and you will find that renting is much cheaper than hotels or resorts. This will give you the opportunity to go into the streets and meet people, allowing you to learn more about the people and lifestyle of that country. That is the best way to have an unforgettable experience.


If you are looking for a more stable vacation, perhaps you should contact a travel agent and purchase a vacation package. Packages range in price, but you may be able to find a sale if you look hard enough. A discount package price will allow you to save more money for spending while you’re in Europe. The benefit of vacation packages is that they will make sure you are on tours that explore all of the major attractions of a location, allowing for a worry- free vacation.

Bargain Vacations

The true key to getting a discount on a vacation, no matter where you go, is flexibility. You can save a great deal by taking advantage of bargains that only come up at certain times of the year and at certain places. These vacations are great if you can be flexible with:

* Which of the airlines you choose

* Which cruises you want to go on

* What you want to eat

* Where you want to stay

* When you want you leave

For example, if you have no particular goal in mind, but you just want to see Europe, then you will be able to find cheaper rates for traveling and staying in certain nations. Don’t wait until the last-minute to start planning your vacation!

Stretching Every Dollar (or Euro)

Keep in mind that in other countries, prices are often times negotiable. Depending on where you go, especially in countries with weaker economies, you can often times haggle on the prices of your purchases, which will help you save a lot. This usually does not work with large-scale franchise businesses, but will almost always work with small local businesses.

Also, if you choose to eat at restaurants, a local restaurant is good in this respect because they will generally offer you lower prices then places that you are accustomed to seeing in America. Remember, if you truly want to make the most of your European vacation, then save money every chance you get, it will allow you to spend more on the things you like!

Source by Mike Jerry

Achieving Success in 12 Minutes A Day

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

How much would your life change if you knew that achieving your wildest dreams could take as little as 12 minutes a day?

Think of the unlimited possibilities that concept provides! Most of us believe that we simply don’t have the time to accomplish the goals we secretly hope to achieve. Instead of setting out to tackle our dreams, we whittle away our time complaining that there’s just not enough time in the day.

In actuality, you don’t need a lot of time to achieve your dreams. And you don’t have to take a sabbatical from your busy life to achieve a long-term goal. Anything you wish to achieve – large or small -can be completed in tandem with numerous other important life tasks, such as spending time with family and friends, working a full-time job (or looking for a job), maintaining your household, and engaging in hobbies or activities that fulfill you.

All you need is persistence, effective time management … and at least 12 minutes a day. Here’s how.

1. Getting Started: Define Your Goal

One of the most difficult aspects of achieving any goal is simply getting started. Whether it’s learning a new language or instrument, losing weight or writing a book, some goals seem so daunting that we simply don’t know where to begin.

The best place to start is by clearly defining the goal you wish to accomplish. (The “how” can come later!) In July of 2004, I received a flyer in the mail promoting a marathon that was to take place on my birthday in January. I had never dreamed that I could run a marathon; I thought marathoners were all top athletes who trained for years. But because I often spend my birthday depressed about getting older, I decided to make this year different. So I set a clear goal for myself: for my 40th birthday I am going to complete a marathon.

Whether your goal is as minimal as keeping the kitchen clean or as large as finishing a Master’s thesis, there’s no great magic to taking the first step. You just need to clearly define your goal.

Action step: Write down your goal

2. Visualize Your Goal

Setting a goal is not enough to make it happen. You must also embrace a sincere commitment to achieving the goal. You must feel the desire, have faith in the process, and be able to truly visualize yourself accomplishing it.

Even if you can’t push yourself to hope for the very highest manifestation of your goal, at least set a milestone that you do feel is manageable. For example, I didn’t attach many specifics to my goal (such as how long it would take me to complete the marathon). To begin with, I simply set a goal of finishing the race. A week prior to the marathon I ran the last mile of the race to know what I would be looking at when I was tired and dragging myself to the finish line. I didn’t care if I was the very last person to pass the finish line; I just wanted to complete the task. And I could truly visualize myself doing so, sore and exhausted but elated by my accomplishment.

Action step: Visualize your success

3. Set a deadline

Deadlines are an invaluable motivator for achieving long-term goals. Without deadlines, you might never accomplish any task! Deadlines are what drive us to continue making forward progress, and help us to keep the end goal in sight.

It’s important that you pinpoint a specific date by which you want to complete your goal (e.g., I will run the marathon on January 11, 2004). Be realistic! Don’t overlook or underestimate the time that current and future relationships and responsibilities will require. Plan on and around these important activities and events.

Action step: Set the month, day, and year you want to accomplish your goal

4. Focus on the Small Things

The next step is to break down that huge goal of yours into a “to do” list of smaller, more manageable tasks. Each item you complete on this “checklist” should take you closer to your goal.

I always advise graduate students who are working on their thesis or dissertation to break down their huge, unstructured project into several 12-15 minute tasks. Something as simple as typing a title page or reading just one research article will definitely take them closer to achieving their overall goal. These are small tasks that aren’t too overwhelming to tackle.

The list of small tasks you will need to complete is likely to be lengthy. Try not to overwhelm yourself by dealing with the total list. Instead, focus on a schedule of hourly, daily or weekly tasks that you would like to complete.

While training for my marathon, I kept a weekly schedule posted on my refrigerator so that I could easily refer to what I was supposed to accomplish on each particular day: for example, running for a specific length of time on some days, and running a particular number of miles on another. I focused only on the accomplishment outlined for the current day; I didn’t look any further down the road. When the week was over, I posted another schedule for the upcoming week. I knew that if I did exactly what was posted on the refrigerator for each day that I would be ready for the marathon come “game day.” That removed any fear I might have had about not being able to complete my goal.

Action step: Create comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly checklists

5. Make a Commitment to Work Every Day

Now the real work begins: putting your goal into action. Clearly, accomplishing large life goals like writing a thesis, losing weight or running a marathon takes a significant amount of time and effort. These are not tasks that can be accomplished easily or quickly. As such, it’s critical to keep the momentum going by making a commitment to work toward your goal every day. On some days, your commitment can be as little as 12 minutes; on other days, you may log hours working toward your goal. The point is that every day you need to take some time and some action.

Each morning, start your day by asking, “What action will I take today to move toward my goal?” Refer often to the checklist you made of all the small items that must be completed in order to make forward progress. Resolve yourself to work on one of those items each and every day, for a minimum of 12 minutes. No task is too small, and no item – such as creating a bibliography, drinking an extra bottle of water each day or doing 10 sit-ups – is too insignificant. Keep in mind that every action will move you closer to your goal. End every day by reinforcing your “to do” items for the following day.

Making this type of commitment means that there’s no need to procrastinate on pursuing your goals any longer. Come on, you can work for just 12 minutes a day! So set your watch, cell phone, microwave or timer and see what you can accomplish in that time-frame. Those minutes will eventually add up to the realization of your dreams!

Action step: Make your wildest dream a reality by posting your lists and goal

Source by Wendy Carter

Best Man Speeches – Do not Wait Until The Last Minute To Write Your Best Man Speech

The Best Man is an important person at any wedding and the Best Man's Speech should be one of the high spots of any wedding reception. Being invited to be Best Man is a generous honor and the Best Man should repay the compliment by giving a stunning Best Man Speech. There are a few individuals who can stand up and make a fluent and entertaining impromptu speech at a moment's notice, but speech making does not come naturally to most people. Indeed, for many men, making a Best Man Speech will be their first experience of public speaking. Being asked to stand as Best Man is a wonderful thing but giving a Best Man speech can be a scary experience even for a normally confident person.

So, if you are just an ordinary guy, who has never made a speech to a crowd of people and is not at all comfortable with the idea of ​​doing so and has not the first idea of ​​how to write a Best Man Speech, where do you start?

The answer is that you need to get organized and get help. Being Best Man carries a lot of responsibility and, in order to fulfill these responsibilities and make everything run to plan at the wedding service and reception, the Best Man needs to get organized well in advance of the Big Day. Getting the speech writing done early will relieve some of the pressure and leave the Best Man free to concentrate on preparing for his other duties.

What could be worse than having to stand up and make a speech in front of a room full of people, some of what you've never met before?

The answer is standing up in front of those people as Best Man for the first time in your life and not having a pre-prepared speech.

The Best Man Speech is something that can (and should) be prepared well in advance of the Wedding Day. The Best Man should give himself plenty of time to write his speech, practice the speech (out loud) and become comfortable with the whole idea of ​​making a speech in front of a large number of people. If you are a first time speech-maker or not adept at writing, you can get help with writing a Best Man Speech from a specialized speech writing book.

The actual time a Best Man will need to write a speech will, of course, depend on his writing capabilities and a good speech will almost certainly need a couple of re-drafts to polish it up. For a Best Man who is really confident in his ability to put his thoughts down on paper, the best plan is to make a "things to say" list of topics and anecdotes to amuse the Wedding guests. Then either enlist the help of a friend who is good at creative writing or use a template Best Man Speech as a guide to organize the anecdotes etc into a speech that will flow in a professional way as well as sounding warm and personal.

No Best Man worthy of the title should try to get away with leaving the writing of this important speech to the last minute and then copying someone else's Best Man Speech and just changing the names of the parties. Doing that would result in the Best Man Speech sounding stilted and impersonal. Without your input of ideas and unique personal anecdotes, the speech will be boring to the wedding guests. If you are given the honor of being chosen as Best Man, respect for the Bride and Groom claims that you must deliver the greatest Best Man speech you can manage and your first step is learning how to write a Best Man Speech.

Source by Elaine Currie

How to Last Longer During Sex – More Than 150 Minutes!

Going before your girl during love making is not the way to make her feel loved. The truth is, many relationships have ended because a guy can not please his girl in the bedroom. The problem has something to do with a guy's inability to control himself long enough for the woman to start feeling good. If a guy can control his own needs, a woman will feel more sexy and more special during love making.

Some guys last 5, 10 or 15 minutes during sex, but most of the time this is not enough to make the woman reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Women need more time to get there, and they also need more stimulation. If she claims she is not bothered by your lack of control, she could be lying.

Here are three things you can do to be able to last all night with her. Even just a few minutes will mean a lot to your girl. You can continuously stimulate her senses, so that she will have a truly sensual time with you. These techniques will also prevent her from thinking about doing it with other guys, because if you can give her the gratification she needs, she will not crave for anyone else.

# 1: "Be Fickle, Man". Change positions when you feel yourself losing control. Stop abruptly when you feel that all-too-familiar urge to give in to your pleasure. This self-interference will effectively put you in control of the way you make love. Beside, showing your prowess by demonstrating your sensual knowledge will impress your girl, as well as give her intense pleasure. Make the change in position fluid and spontaneous, so that your partner can have continuous fun while you're controlling yourself.

# 2: "Let loose before you even start your date". If you know you're making love with your special girl during your date, make it a habit to give yourself the gratification you need so you will not have that inside your head the whole time. You can avoid accidentally going before she does by doing this.

# 3: "Kill the Sensation". Use a condom that lessens sensation during love making. Usually the thick ones work best for your particular purpose. Do not risk it. You might think that heavy breathing is OK and you do not need to change your thin condoms to thick ones, but heavy breathing does not always work, does it? If you can not find thicker condoms, use double protection (wear another condom on top of the first one).

Source by Derek Rake

Inexpensive Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just a few days away and you need a few more last minute gifts. Unfortunately you already spend more than you had planned this year. You need some inexpensive last minute gifts. Here are a few ideas for you.

Baby Sitting

If you have someone with little kids, time alone is precious. Give a couple an evening out, or even offer to keep the kids for an entire weekend, so they can get away for a few days. Throw in a gift certificate for dinner if you’d like to make it a bigger gift. Write a little note about the babysitting offer and stick it in a pretty envelope.

Maid For A Day

Wouldn’t you love to have someone come in and clean house for you? Why not do the same for a close friend as a Christmas gift? Offer to come in and either send her off shopping or clean together to get twice the work done. Of course you both deserve to sit and chat over a cup of coffee when you are done.

Picture Collage

Do you have a box of cherished family photos that no one has a chance to look at? Get an inexpensive, large picture frame and make a photo collage. You can cut pictures as needed, add pieces of paper with text describing what the pictures are about or even a favorite quote. You can also add postcards, drawings of the kids and other mementoes.

Spa Day

A gift certificate to a day spa is a fun gift, but it can also be pretty pricy. Instead, give your friend, sister or mom a spa day at home. Invite them over and pamper each other with some homemade beauty recipes. You can find some great recipe ideas here

http://www.mybeautyrecipes.com for anything from facials to foot masks.

Gift In A Jar

Here’s another great inexpensive gift idea. Put the dry ingredients of your favorite baking dish (like brownies or chocolate chip cookies) into a mason jar. Write what the mix is for on a sticky label, decorate it with markers or stickers and glue it to the side of the jar. Write directions on how to use the mix on a card and attach it to the jar with a ribbon.

Source by Susanne Myers