Making Sex Last Longer – 4 Mind Blowing Secrets To Last Long And Make It Amazing For Her!

Do you want to make sex last longer? Would you like to cure your premature ejaculation and satisfy your woman more? A survey has revealed that almost 90% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. This leaves a lot of women dissatisfied. And the sexual frustration caused by it makes a lot of women even leave a relationship. If you do not want that to happen, you better start making your sex last longer.

Here are the mind blowing secrets to make sex last and make it amazing for her …

Get rid of stress – Stress is one of the reasons men are not able to last long in bed. Your stress makes you want to orgasm quickly. You will have less control over your ejaculate when you are having sex. So it's important that you keep your stress at bay. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises to keep your stress at bay. And during sex, do not pant. Breathe deeply and slowly. Be calm and composed. Everything will be fine.

Masturbate properly – Another cause of premature ejaculation is bad masturbation habits picked up a teen. You could be suffering from premature ejaculation because you are not masturbating properly. Spend more time masturbating and do it fewer times.

Make sure that your sessions are at least for about forty minutes. Stimulate your penis and when you're about to ejaculate, try exercising self control over your penis. Doing that will help you develop more control over your ejaculate and make you last longer during sex. You will last longer.

Stimulate her G-Spot – Apart from that, arousing her and stimulating her G-spot will make her reach climax soon. Insert your finger into her vagina and rotate them. At some point, she will start gasping for breath. That's her G-spot. Touch it. Use your tongue on it. Stimulate her like crazy. She might ejaculate faster than you.

Keep changing positions – Another way to make her orgasm faster and for you to last longer is to change sexual positions often. Do not threaten your penis in too deep. Just keep changing your sexual positions. Move from one position to another every few minutes.

Dominate her and spank her ass. Tell her what to do. Try out positions she's never tried before. Learn your technique and it will help you handle your stamina. You have to lead her on during sex. It's crucial. Women want to be led during sex. You need to tell her to orgasm through dirty talk.

Source by Mike Rider