Simple Model Casting Tips That Will Make the Difference

It is reasonable to face the fact that as a model, most of a person's career will revolve around going for countless casting calls for modeling work. Nobody is discovered by just sitting around somewhere looking pretty. This is the life of a model and one has to accept that, and start making efforts towards making the best of it. The people already in the modeling industry want to gauge if someone knows what he or she is doing or if they simply have their careers mixed up. Either way, whether one gets it through their agents or via friends or media, they have to go to these auditions. Here, are some model casting tips when a call is finally landed:

1. Always be early. Make sure that it becomes a habit to get to the venue by 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time. Showing up late will send a negative signal that an individual is not taking the casting with the seriousness it describes. On the other hand, arriving earlier than the appointed time shows that one respects the casting director and agents and that he or she is a professional.

2. This is a job interview and not a gig. Do not bring anyone to the audition. Without the model is a minor, then either the parent or guardian should be present.

3. Be prepared. Always have everything ready the day before the casting to avoid last-minute disappointments. Make sure the portfolio is ready and updated. Make several copies of the zed cards if they ask for them. Be ready with dialogue if asked to perform sometimes in a commercial audition.

4. Switch off all electronic gadgets and avoid reading books and magazines while waiting, because it goes to show that one is bored, not focused and not interested.

5. Always exude a sunny and polite aura, no matter what type of gloomy experience one is going through. Nobody wants to work with a cranky person. Let the conversation be light although overdoing it is also not viable.

6. Always remember to be polite and thank the casting agents and directors for the opportunity, and wish them a pleasant day. Do not be in a rush to get out of there but do not stay for too long either, since they may have many other people to interview, as well.

The thing to remember is that, Rome was not built in a day and so, one will have gone through many of these model casting calls and will have been turned down several times, but the call will eventually come and all these will be because he or she will have become a professional and if he or she is ready.

Source by Sunny Sanghvi