Tips To Last Longer Naturally – 2 Awesome Bedroom Tricks To Boost Your Stamina While Sex!

Need tips to last longer naturally? I'm sure you do. As a matter of fact, premature ejaculation is a very common problem, so it is no surprise that the vast majority of men would love to last longer when they have sex. Most men try their best to prolong their sexual experience in order to please their partners, but many of us simply fall short when it comes to our stamina. But do not fret … this article will reveal 2 simple, proven ways to help you go longer when you make love.

"Timing & Awareness"

Ejaculation takes place when your pelvic floor muscles contract and release semen. To prevent an early ejaculation from occurring, you need to read your body's signals at the right timing. You see, most guys tend to go from arousal to orgasm without thinking. Knowing your "point of no return" is important if you want to prolong sex. Once you hit the peak, the game is over. "Think about something else and you will last longer" is a flawed perception that many men still subscribe to. Instead, you should do the exact opposite. You should focus on every single sensation your body is experiencing during sex. This will give you timely signals to use varying techniques to slow down an impending orgasm.

"Do not Hit The Ground Running"

Guys who suffer from premature ejaculation tend to climax within the first 2 minutes of intercourse. That is why you should always go slow from the start to prevent your arousal from shooting up. One way to do this is to simply extend your foreplay and focus on your partner. Not only will this enhance her sexual orientation, it will also help you relax and get comfortable. Once you start intercourse, go easy on the annoying so that you can get accustomed to the sensations and last longer.

Source by L. Lester